All is fine and clear…

All is fine and clear; well, not for me, my dear. Feel as if somewhat, somehow I’m out of space, out of time, out where I should be but I’m not; got lost in a mud flat, surrounded by fog and clouds up to my brain, almost choking in this empty though messy place. Weirdest of all, I’m not really sure where I should be and that’s the trouble, you know… 🙂 Oh, the precious unidentified wanting-but-not-knowing-what feeling… 😉  Heathcliff, Heathcliff… Can you hear her? Can you see inside her soul? Can you feel the same agony as hers? Wonder where we’d be, right now; wonder whether things would have gone the way we wanted them to go, should had destiny left us the freedom to write our own books. Laughing out loud, I am, now… precious little piece of my heart… and you know why? ‘Cos we’re exactly where we should be and where all, amazingly, needs to be… regardless of what our deeper and insane wishes are; regardless of  silly thoughts and memories happily wandering around my heart and soul, whilst everything is hastily going down to pieces and I can’t do nothing about it but wait and see… 🙂 ‘Course, you know, that’s what I’ll do… After all, this is what I’ve always been doing and the best thing I’m at. Preciously waiting; doomed by the past, eager to know the future and willing to fight against the present, as always, should it not fit my likings… 🙂

Rosa (14/01/2011)

2 pensieri riguardo “All is fine and clear…

  1. It is difficult ‘ to live my own life
    Fighting against the inhibitions,
    the limits, the taboos of its own time!

    It is difficult ‘ to cancel my personal history,
    chopping off every bond with my past!

    It is difficult ‘ to change the idea
    We have of ourselves,
    forgetting what the others
    believe to know of us!

    It is difficult ‘ to change
    Our idea over the life,
    seeking for trust,
    not in the eyes of the other people,
    but in the deep eye of our being.

    It is me difficult to proceed
    For this path of loneliness,
    hoping to undertake one day
    my trip to Ixtlan,
    to bathe me in the sacred river,
    to purify me of all my sins,
    and understand the mysteries of our reason,
    of our beings,
    of the magic flower,
    to reach the eternal safety,
    the apex of knowledge,
    the heaven of the ever green city
    where the seven gold doors
    will finally open their secret!

    And the soul will fly
    Through the endless worlds
    Of the universe

    In Sardinia, 1982

    "Mi piace"


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